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A professional supplement to ParlQuest is now available that adds two new features: a search to help the user to locate specific areas that require study, and more options to customize the interactive testing.

The first feature is the Advanced Search option, which gives the user the option to further specify the subject area for a test based on typed-in key words or phrases. There are over 5700 words and synonyms in the search library. ParlQuest searches for the key words or phrases in the test bank questions, answers, or both, and then presents a test based on the questions that contained the designated key words or phrases. If the research feature is ordered along with the professional supplement, the user can also search for key words and phrases in the research questions.

The second feature added by the professional supplement is the extra options (sorting and randomizing) added to the Interactive Test Options screen. See the screenshots and bullets below to see the new options and a description of what they do.

  • After the professional supplement is licensed, a slightly different window appears during subject selection.

  • Now the user can search the questions and answers for specific keywords or phrases.

  • If both the research feature and the professional supplement are licensed, the user can also search the Research Questions for specific keywords or phrases.
Subject Selection with the Professional Supplement

Advanced Search Window
  • The advanced search option permits additional selection based upon one or more keywords present in either the questions, answers, or both. The advanced search option is selected on the Select Subject Area window.

  • There is also an option to Ignore Similar Words (they are included by default).

  • The Sort by Page Reference option organizes the selected questions in page number sequence. It uses the first page reference number for each test question. This option may be used with the standard or random sequences.

  • The Override code may be used to regenerate a specific test. The test may be presented interactively or printed.

  • The Randomize Answers option will re-sequence the answers in a different pattern. This pattern is also controlled by the Override code.
Interactive Options

Minimum requirements: Same as basic ParlQuest


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