About the Author

The ParlQuest® system was developed by Steve Glanstein, President, a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, and Mark Takiguchi of Management Information Consultants.

Steve worked with his programmer, Mark, from 1979 to 2009. Together, they wrote and implemented numerous computer systems, many of which are still widely used today.

Steve's professional experience in the computer field dates back to 1969 while still attending high school. He designed ParlQuest to help all parliamentarians to improve their skills.

Steve has worked as a professional at over 1,700 meetings. He has been an expert witness on parliamentary procedure numerous times in Hawaii Courts and is well known in the parliamentary field. He joined the National Association of Parliamentarians in December 1982, became a Registered Parliamentarian in March 1983, and became a Professional Registered Parliamentarian in 1984.

For further information contact Steve Glanstein, PRP, by email or telephone.

You may send e-mail by concatenating the user name 'steveghi', an 'at' sign, and the domain name 'gmail.com'. Sorry for the inconvenience, Steve gets numerous spam messages.

Phone: (+1) 808-423-6766.

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